About Us

The online legal landscape is constantly evolving as governments and courts struggle to keep pace with the rapid development of online commerce and communications.  We have written comprehensive best-practice terms and conditions for a range of different website types and online activities, designed for the broadest possible global application and legal compliance.

Our terms and conditions are written and maintained by legal professionals who understand the online environment and work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to understand the operational, practical and legal requirements.  Our terms and conditions are written for maximum fairness and enforceability, without compromising the protection of website owners.  Fairness in standard terms and conditions is essential since several key jurisdictions are strengthening their consumer protection legislation.

We have designed a system of centralised content so that modifications and updates can be made automatically as the law develops.  We centralise the text of our terms and conditions, and provide live links to our database so that your website always displays the latest content.  

You choose which terms and conditions are relevant to your website.  After the standard "boilerplate" terms required to establish legal status and basic protections, we explain when other terms should be used to help you choose terms relevant to your website and business activities. 

Our terms and conditions are divided into two groups: those applicable to a website generally, and those specifically applicable to an online store or other website that takes payment for goods or services.

We can also accommodate any "Special Terms" you have developed for your own website not otherwise covered by our common terms.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require formal legal advice on your specific operations and risks.