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We provide understandable, comprehensive and best-practice terms and conditions to protect you and your business from legal risks.  Our terms and conditions are written and maintained by legal professionals working closely with entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Once you implement our Code on your website, your chosen terms and conditions will be automatically updated as required by the changing online legal environment. 

Each term or condition you select is presented first as symbols and abbreviations in our professionally styled Terms Box, then by an easily understood "everyday" version, and finally in a "legally comprehensive" version.  You will have done everything possible to bring fair and understandable terms and conditions to your users attention.

Example Terms Box:

Our terms and conditions are suitable for websites of every size.  For government entities and businesses with over $1million annual turnover we ask that you contact us to arrange a license.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do require formal legal advice on your specific operations and risks.  We can also advise and prepare any special terms and conditions required for your particular online activities that may not be covered by our common terms.

Disclaimer: No part of our automated service constitutes legal advice, and we do not warrant that any terms or conditions are specifically suitable for your website or jurisdiction.   


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